Opening City and Town Hall Webinar and Materials

The League hosted the webinar, Opening City and Town Hall: Legal Considerations and Best Practices on May 28, 2020.  To access the video of the presentation and relevant materials, please click on the links below.

To view the Recorded Webinar click here.

Presentations from Webinar:
Gilbert Phased Reopening.ppt
Peoria Reopening of Town Hall Presentation.pptx
Reopening City Town Hall Presentation by Pierce Coleman PLLC.pptx

CLE Form for Reopening City/Town Hall Webinar:
CLE Certificate Attendance Reopening of City and Town Halls.pdf

League Guidelines on City/Town Hall Reopening:
League Guidelines City and Town Reopenings Covid-19.pdf

Sample Language for Events Waiver:
Sample Language for Waiver Forms.docx
Gilbert Assumption of Risk Waiver Liability Relating Coronavirus.pdf

Gilbert COVID-19 Reopening of Facilities Safety Guidance:
Gilbert COVID-19 Reopening of Facilities Safety Guidance

Peoria memo on Temporary COVID 19 Policy:
Peoria Temporary Covid-19 Policy.pdf

Link to Peoria’s public COVID webpage:

Helpful Links from Peoria Water Services:
Peoria Memo Coronavirus Research Water Service and Utilities.pdf

Links to industry publications regarding PPE in Water Services: